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World’s Top Christmas Destinations

Traveling for the holidays is becoming more and more popular. So popular that Forbes Magazine put out a Top 10 list of the World’s Top Christmas Destinations. Some of these destinations are here in the US and in tourist towns no less! But San Juan and Rome are also listed, they’re great locations, but what makes them […]

Ireland Honeymoon

Let’s talk Ireland! Guinness, castles, rolling green hills, must I go on? If you’ve done any research you know that most outings in Ireland will be spent in a car or they’ll be physical activities such as driving through the country side, cycling to a nearby castle, surfing, horseback riding, etc. The best reason to […]

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

Hello all you fellow travelers! My name is Nicole and I am new to the WhirlAway family, specializing in Destination Weddings & Honeymoons. I’ll be blogging here and there to let y’all know the best of the best locations for you and your fiancé to get married and/or honeymoon. Make sure you keep an eye […]

Why Should You Hire A Travel Consultant?

At one of our recent meetings we talked about what we do for our clients.  Everyday potential and new clients ask why they should plan their travel with a travel consultant when they can just do it themselves.  As travel consultants, what we offer our clients goes far beyond simply booking a trip and sending […]

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