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Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day. Some women grow up dreaming about this day, planning every detail from the time they were six years old, scrap-booking a Hello Kitty wedding dress for the big day. Hopes are set high, but chances are things won’t always go as planned. Not just the understanding that maybe a Hello Kitty dress isn’t appropriate […]


Priorities. Mom has been bellowing at us since we were chillins to make them. “Clean your room before you play outside!” or “Eat your veggies before dessert!” Why? Everyone knows that playing kick the bucket and eating ice cream before peas is the way to live your life, but mom knew what she was talking […]

Don’t Worry About Your Honeymoon

Planning a wedding is overwhelming. You have to make a budget, aka go bald! Seating arrangements sound simple, until you have to place Aunt Nancy and her ‘frisky’ cane. Open bar, or not because Timmy just kicked smoking and we can’t give him booze. Toss the bouquet, or keep it and dry it out for […]

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