new zealand signWe believe that opening our minds and hearts to appreciate the diversity that makes us all unique is essential for the future of our world.

Travel means different things to different people.  Some want adventure, while others are looking for pure meditative relaxation.  There are multi-generational vacations, honeymoons, and solo self-discovery expeditions that enrich our clients’ lives.  Whatever you are looking for, our passion is to put the time, research, expertise, and energy into making your travel experience a memorable one.  We help open minds and hearts by overcoming the challenges to traverse the world, meet new people, learn our history, and explore nature.

We have called downtown West Chester, PA our home since 1985.  Family owned and operated by Patty Jefferis, we believe that personal service and building lifelong relationships with our clients are what sets us apart in the travel world.  We know that everyone’s time is valuable and vacation time is priceless.  Planning, experience, and knowledge are so important.  We make it  a priority to get to know you so that each vacation can be tailor made to fit your needs, whether it is flip flops and beer on a beach, exclusive tours of the world by private jet, or anything in between.

We love to travel and experience the world.  When we plan your vacation, we get just as excited as you.  We love hearing stories when you return about the fun, adventure, and memories that were created.  Our own travel experiences, along with your feedback help us make your next vacation and someone else’s even better.

Our main objective when planning your travel is to ensure that you get the best value.  We want you to come home fulfilled and at the same time hungry for your next adventure.  Nothing compares to personal service, one on one interaction, trust in your travel consultant, and peace of mind that you have a personal representative every step of the way.  We want to make sure that your experience is yours alone and not something that is mass produced on an internet search engine.  Travel is our livelihood, our passion, the air that we breathe.

We plan travel experiences that are as unique as the individuals engaging in them.

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