Safari and the Value of a Private Guide

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Having been on safari a few times, I know the importance of having a great guide.  A great guide gets to know the guests, what they are interested in seeing, and most importantly the ability to create a safari experience from the time the guests step foot off the plane to the time they say their goodbyes.  A great guide doesn’t focus solely on the big five, but fills time with the minuscule.  The bush ants, dung beetles, and rhino toilets.  A great guide will point out a plant used as the bush toothbrush, tracks in the dirt, and the communication between the birds and the larger mammals when a predator is near by.  A great guide is a story teller, a photographer, a lover and appreciator of nature.

So imagine going on safari and having a great guide at your first lodge, and then a not so great guide at your next lodge.  The not so great guide had a bit too much fun the night before and dozes off at a lion sighting.  The not so great guide does not give ample attention to a heard of elephants that recently calved.  The not so great guide doesn’t tell exciting safari stories or fill time and educate on the smaller aspects of the wild that are just as important as checking off the the big five.

The remedy to providing a seamless safari experience is by hiring a private guide to take you through your whole journey.  A private guide travels with you through all of your lodge stays and accompanies you on your game drives.  A private guide is able to curate a safari experience into a story that separate guides at the different lodges are just not able to do.

WhirlAway has partnered with Alf Ngwarai, founder of Imagination Untamed, to guide our clients on a private basis.  Alf has been guiding for over 21 years with some of the most prestigious lodges and discerning clients.  He can tell a story and build an experience for our clients that turns an average safari into a life changing adventure – one that will stay in your mind and your soul for the rest of your life.

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