When Should Engaged Couples Start Planning For Their Big Day?

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

NOW! Sorry to break it to you, but you’re not going to get a deal or bargain by waiting until the last minute. When planning a wedding you need to jump in with both feet. The sooner you plan the more time, effort, and best of all money you will save. What better way to do this then attend a bridal show? You have all of the vendors you need for your big day in one place. Even if you just start with looking or getting price quotes, getting a handle on the planning ASAP is your best chance at not going crazy!

I have attended dozens of bridal shows as a vendor and have had brides planning for four months away to 3 years away. Will your venue have September 23, 2017 booked, probably not. Does Southeast Asia have any elephant rides left for you honeymoon in 2018, I’m gonna go with yes. The baker who made that amazing cake for you cousins wedding most likely still has time to make your wedding cake for 2016. However none of that is true if you move your date to March, 2014.

Be smart and plan ahead with your wedding vendors. Go to a bridal show! FYI the bride and one guest are typically free admittance, so what’s the harm in just going and checking things out?!

The Bride Guide to West Chester is giving you the perfect opportunity, they’re hosting a bridal show right here in West Chester at the CCHS.

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